Moved? Tell everyone including the DMV!

If you move, the law says you have 60 days to tell the NC DMV. North Carolina General Stature 20-7.1 was written as follows:

§ 20‑7.1. Notice of change of address or name.

(a) Address. – A person whose address changes from the address stated on a drivers license must notify the Division of the change within 60 days after the change occurs. If the person’s address changed because the person moved, the person must obtain a duplicate license within that time limit stating the new address. A person who does not move but whose address changes due to governmental action may not be charged with violating this subsection.

(b) Name. – A person whose name changes from the name stated on a drivers license must notify the Division of the change within 60 days after the change occurs and obtain a duplicate drivers license stating the new name.

(c) Fee. – G.S. 20‑14 sets the fee for a duplicate license. (1975, c. 223, s. 1; 1979, c. 970; 1983, c. 521, s. 1; 1997‑122, s. 4.)

One of the reasons it is a good idea to comply with this law is that the DMV will send you notice to the last known address of adverse actions against your drivers license. So if there is someone out there using your name and Drivers License number when they get a ticket and they fail to go to court, the DMV will notify you that your license is suspended.

I see that happen frequently in Court where a relative who has a bad record and they get stopped. To avoid going to jail they give the officer a name and number of a relative. They then skip court. If the DMV knows your address they can notify you and you can straighten out the issue before consequences begin to pile up. The last and best reason to notify the DMV of your change of address is that if you are pulled over, you will not get a ticket for violating this section! But if you are cited, Gurnee the Attorney can help you resolve the ticket!!

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