Random Golf Thoughts

First, I have nothing against Davis Love III and I hope he will be a great Ryder Cup Captain.  But the United States treats the Ryder Cup Captaincy like little league.  Why does everybody get a chance to be the Captain?  We finally won with Paul Azinger as Captain.  I say ride that horse until he bucks.  I understood at first he declined  to act as Captain when it was offered to him right after his victory.  By the time he wanted to do it, Corey Pavin was about to be selected.  But since we have seen Azinger is a proven winner at this format, why offer it to Love instead of him. Because all the kids in little league need a turn at bat????

Second, I just have  a Tiger- gripe.  Does he not have enough millions yet that he passes up on tournaments in the US to accept large appearance fees to play in the Middle East?  I know his management company certainly benefits from booking him there and he may have prior relationships and corporate responsibilities, but I’m just saying!  He has never played the GGO or other tournaments that could benefit from his star power.  Why not rehab his image by helping out the smaller tournaments and the fall series when many big stars are home or on vacation. Those tournaments donate to charity the same as the rest of the PGA events and those charities would strongly benefit from his presence.  But I  guess that is his right to go around the world building his personal wealth.

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