New Job

Hello world:

After 20 years I have shut down my private law practice and taken a job with the District Attorney’s Office. We have a great new DA, Billy West. I told him in in 2006 that when he was elected, I wanted to work for him. And now that has come to be!

I started Feb 23, 2011. I have really enjoyed it. Everybody in the office is great. Criminal Administrative week is next week so I will be busier than I have been. I have 7 cases right now and three are set for trial soon so I have to hit the ground running! With some hard work and dedication, I think I can do a good job. See you in the courts!!

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1 Response to New Job

  1. So proud of you, Graham! I know you’ll do awesome! Can’t wait to hear how things are going for you as you get into the goove.

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