Bachmann Spins

Rep. Michelle Bachmann is showing her true colors early.  When confronted with the facts in an LA Times news article while on Fox News, Mrs. Bachmann was bobbing and weaving still claiming she has not taken Federal Funds for her family business.  Even though the businesses clearly received the money, she claimed she had no personal benefit from the money so she is not saying one thing while doing another.  She claimed the money her husbands counseling business got was training money for mental health workers and she did not personally get the money.  Well guess what Rep. Bachmann, if your husband’s business got the money for training, that was $30,000.00 he did not have to spend from his bottom line that went into your bank account so yes you did benefit personally from the federal funds.  The $260,000.00 in federal farm subsidies for your family farm allowed you to reap between $32,503 and $105,000 in income between 2006 and 2009 as listed in your own financial disclosures.  So you did benefit from the federal funds. So voting public take notice now, when confronted by the fact, Rep. Bachmann will just spin the story her way.  Are you going to believe your lying eyes or what Rep. Bachmann tells you to believe.

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1 Response to Bachmann Spins

  1. Excellent point, Graham. We need to hold our representatives to account. Washington is out of control and we are putting up with it. I’m not politically savvy or passionate, but I also don’t like being treated like an idiot. Sounds like Ms. Bachman thinks we’re all j.p.d. (jess plane sum).

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