For those of you not in the criminal justice field, you may not know there is an activity called “scrapping”. Individuals go around town looking for and collecting scrap metal that they then sell to junkyards. The problem comes sometimes as to where they “find” the “scrap” metal. In one case I had, the defendants “found” the aluminum siding still attached to the house. That is when one goes from being a scrapper to being a defendant. This usually happens in an unoccupied house. What the former scrapper now defendant fails to relaize is just because a property is unoccupied and run down does not mean it is not owned. An attorney friend of mine said he woke up one saturday morning to an awful noise of banging and scraping. When he looked out the window a man was attempting to pull his copper pipe atached to his hose spigot out of his brick wall with a hammer. This house was obviously not unoccupied. Nor was it run down. It comes down to a total lack of respect for other people’s property. Whatever happened to the lesson we learned as kids that if its not yours dont pick it up? So my advice is if you dont want a new name (defendant) or a new address (jailhouse) dont take what does not belong to you! As an aside, the woman I see on Cool Spring Street putting gravel into aluminum cans and then crusing them for the extra weight, I wonder how long before the people buying them from you figure it out and have you charged for obtaining property by false pretense!

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