So I got my car broken into last night. I say it that way because its partly my fault. Car door was left unlocked. I know the military says dont tempt a thief! My favorite leather trenchcoat got stolen. (along with nice sunglasses, GPS and CD’s) I brought it back from Italy 20 years ago. I know there is a lesson in there somewhere about not being attached to material goods, but I’m so mad/sad about that coat. I want to go to District Court and prosecute somebody, andybody for larceny! But Im not assigned to District Court today! Hoping that dumb criminal sells my GPS to a pawn shop and we can catch them. Well, life lesson learned to lock car and if not, let it go and get over it. I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. But for now, defense attorneys-dont ask me to help your client out with any plea bargains on larceny cases!

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